PTI gives up option to quit enmasse from National Assembly

PTI that had early on threatened to offer resignations from the National Assembly along with provincial assemblies has now given up the strategy to do so and it is unlikely that the party command would seek resignations from its MPs. After realising gravity of the political stakes in the current democratic dispensation, chief of major opposition party Imran Khan is considered to have given up the option of giving enmasse resignations from the assemblies to develop key constitutional crisis in the country, a key PTI leader told.


The last core committee gathering of the party held in Islamabad had talked about the option of taking resignations from its MNAs and MPAs to be further sent to the speakers of provincial assemblies concerned and Speaker National Assembly if the govt didn’t open the election results of 4 NA constituencies for confirmation. “It was not a principal decision of the party but only an option was discussed among the senior leadership of the party,” a source in PTI said.

The decision of PTI chief Imran Khan to give resignations enmasse could develop severe constitutional dilemma in the country as it is the 2nd main opposition party in the National Assembly after PPP, the major opposition party in Punjab assembly and is the ruling party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It might be challenging for the election commission to hold by-elections on such a number of NA and provincial assemblies seats.

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