PTI chief demands action against NAB Chairman

PTI chief Imran Khan, while demanding immediate resignation NAB chief Fasih Bukhari over an alleged statement regarding cases against the Sharif family, asked supreme court to take suo muto action against him.

NAB is an independent institution and its chief had no power to choose and select cases on the basis of individual liking and disliking or under the directions of his political bosses, he said.

In a media conference held at the PTI Central Secretariat on Monday, Imran Khan asked the NAB chief to expose the nature and level of his associations with real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz. He also asked Riaz to mention in public, under an oath, the names of those in bureaucracy, army and politics who had got personal rewards from him.

The PTI leader accused the govt of hatching conspiracies against the Top Court, saying that “President Zardari is the mastermind behind a current attack on the supreme court and the chief justice, and Malik Riaz is a business partner and front man of Zardari”.

PTI chief also denounced PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, challenging him to take law suit against the editor of a newspaper that had written about his corruption, or accept the allegations levelled against him.


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