PTI accuses PML-N and ANP of developing ethnic divide

The PTI on Sunday accused PML-N and ANP of developing ethnic divide in the country for political benefits. In a press statement here, PTI representative Shireen Mazari said that Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid was struggling to digest PTI’s successful rally in Peshawar. “He has been engaged in misleading propaganda against the PTI leadership from day one,” she said.


Shireen Mazari said that the information minister and ANP were endorsing ethnic divide for political benefits. “Pashto and Urdu are our own languages. We are proud of both the languages.”

She said that PTI had played anthems of Pashto, Urdu and other languages in its famous rally in Peshawar. She reiterated her resolve that those who’re bent on developing ethnic partitions would fail in their designs.

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