PPP split over proposed dual nationality bill

PPP is in a fix to present dual nationality bill in the forthcoming National Assembly session because of different point of view among the lawmakers about the contents of the bill. Looking for changes in the article 62 & 63 of the constitution, the major opposition party PPP has nearly completed the bill to introduce it in the Ninth session of the Lower House but some senior voices are still giving their final nod on it.


Background interviews and chats with the ex- ruling party’s parliamentarian left the impact that a few senior members are against some conditions of the bill, thus causing delay to give its final touches. Sources said that MQM had assured its assistance in the House, as earlier they’d highly opposed the bar on lawmakers having dual nationality.

Opposition Leader, Syed Khursheed Shah has also accepted split in the ranks of the party over the bill. “The bill will thoroughly be deliberated in the upcoming parliamentary committee as two opinions are currently emerging,” said Shah while talking to the media.

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