PPP rejects IRI latest survey

Highly criticizing PML-N leadership, PPP central leader and Advisor to President Muhammad Naveed Chaudhry on Monday turned down an IRI survey, which said the rise in PML-N popularity.

Addressing a media conference at a local hotel, Naveed says PPP had no trust in such ‘Internet-generated surveys’ that were based on fabricated point of view of only 6,000 people. He said the popularity of the political party could be considered by inquiring public point of view from the people of Lahore.

Naveed said the PPP was the main political party of the country with equal popularity in 4 provinces as well as in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He said the PPP was the custodian of rights of publicity and that it’d always defend their rights.

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