PPP and PML-Q plan to counter PML-N in by-election

As the PML-Q and PPP on Tuesday fielded a combined nominee for a Bahawalpur provincial constituency seat, the politicians of both sides have selected a ‘new strategy’ to resist the PML-N in upcoming by-elections.

The plan was developed after combined nominee of the PPP and PML-Q faced defeat at the hands of the PML-N in the Sahiwal PP-220 by-election with a ‘ big margin’ recently. The outcome gave a enhance to the PML-N as it was its first face-off with the two alliance  partners who desire to fight upcoming elections under a seat adjustment strategy.

As per a senior PML-Q politician, PM Gilani and PML-Q’s Chaudhry brothers held a gathering on Sunday last and talked about issues of the Sahiwal defeat.

He says the PM had given the assurance the Chaudhrys that from now on he’d individually be certain that the PPP people actively took part in the poll. In the Sahiwal poll, the PPP command apparently hadn’t commited its people and had a lack of co-ordination with PML-Q. They decided not to delay in finalizing the nominee as they did in Sahiwal.

On the other hand, Chaudhry brothers presided over a gathering of the party office-bearers, ex- nazims and naib nazims from Bahawalpur region at their home here on yesterday.

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