PPP and PML-Q agree on power-sharing formula

PPP and PML-Q on yesterday decided on the power sharing strategy and both the political groups are hectic in giving closing touch to the deal to be finalized between them before PML-Q’s collaborating in the federal govt, well well-informed sources said.

The sources mentioned, that continuing extensive discussions amongst the 2 parties are bearing fruits and the 2 teams have decided on the power sharing strategy.In a few days a gathering amongst the 2 sides will probably be organised at Presidency, wherein both sides could possibly approve the power-sharing deal.

According to the conditions of the draft binding agreement, the PML-Q will probably be lodged in the twelve vacant ministries. Mushahid Hussain will likely be Pakistan diplomat  to UN. PML-Q will receive 5 federal ministries out of the vacant twelve federal ministers. MQM will be offered 3 ministries it’s previous holding.

The draft settlement has also conditions about future’s political steps by the 2 sides such as seat adjustments in forthcoming local bodies’ elections,  general elections and upcoming Senate elections.

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  • nadia Khan

    While criticizing the PPP for unprincipled politics, The PML-N forgot that their leader’s meeting with PML-Q’s information secretary Tariq Azeem to discuss the possibility of cooperation. Is shaking hands with those who ditched PML-N to ride on the coattails of a military dictator principled politics? It may be expedient for an opposition party to question the government’s performance and call it corrupt, but the stories of PML-N’s past and present corruption are part of urban legend and not very different from those of the PPP. PML-N is obviously not happy because the coming together of the PPP and PML-Q may jeopardize its seat of power in the country’s biggest province, Punjab. Regardless of which party joins or leaves the ruling coalition, such a change could destabilize the democratic edifice and is therefore not in the interest of the country. If the system does not survive till the next general elections, it would be a big victory for the undemocratic forces and strengthen the impression that politicians are incapable of running the country.