PPP and PML-N unite to adopt 20th Amendment

PML-NAfter 2 weeks of negotiating and amid other spats being fought outside parliament, the govt and PML-N joined hands on yesterday to unanimously push through the NA a revised constitution amendment that provides for a powerful Election Commission, a pre-election temporary set-up and restoration of 28 halted federal and provincial law-makers.

Both PM Gilani and PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar called the vote, which completed late in the night, as one that will boost democracy and a message to repudiate unspecified forces that they mentioned sought to defame parliament or scuttle the amendment, which gives the Election Commission the final say in hiring a temporary set-up at the federal and provincial levels before elections if politicians and a bipartisan parliamentary board fail to achieve a consensus and recommends 5 yr tenures for 4 members of the commission like the chief election commissioner.

20th Amendment Bill had sought only to ensure by-elections to 28 seats of both houses of parliament and provincial assemblies that were challenged before the Top Court for having been held when the Election Commission wasn’t finish as provided by the 18th Amendment passed in 2010.

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