PPP and PML-N combine against PTI in SCBA elections

The PPP and PML-N have united against the PTI-backed nominee in the Supreme Court Bar Association elections. Ahmad Awais, Israrul Haq and Barrister Zafarullah are contesting for the SCBA president’s position as the election campaign is in full swing in all areas.

The elections will be held in the final week of Oct. As per details, unprecedented scenario has been emerged and the PML-N and PPP have combined to oppose the presidential nominee Ahmad Awais, who’s the executive member of PTI as well as connected with a pro-judiciary group. Both political groups are backing Mian Israrul Haq as he isn’t associated with any political party. Legal analysts say the PML-N’s decision to fight the pro-judiciary nominee on basis of his affiliation with PTI might be a setback for the superior judiciary in future.

In very last elections, the PML-N had supported Hamid Khan group’s nominee Rashid A Rizvi but he lost to Yasin Azad. As many as 60 nominees are contesting the elections and 2,600 lawyers would vote on Oct 31. Half of the voters are in Lahore.






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