Power shortfall reaches record level

Electricity outage debunked government’s hollow claims, breaking all earlier records whereas the circular debt resurged to a massive 300 billion rupees. Load shedding timetable released by the Ministry of Water and Power and distribution suppliers is restricted to papers. The power shortage has confuted government’s false claims. The outdated transmission systems have totally failed to support the increasing power demands.


As per the authorities of the Central Power control Centre and local distribution suppliers, the intermittent power supply is carried out in order to save the system from a major breakdown. There isn’t even a specific time of the day that the locals of Lahore are provided with continuous supply of power. In addition to this, technical problems at the Band Road grid station that caused to excess other system have made worse the scenario.

Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif had apologized to the nation for the unscheduled and prolonged hours of load shedding throughout the country on Monday.


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