Politicians who got funds from ISI should quit politics: Imran Khan

PTI chief Imran Khan said on Friday that those who taken funds from secret agencies should quit national politics, adding that he would’ve done so if such allegations were proved against him.

Addressing a public meeting in Gujar Khan, he claimed PM Gilani was appearing in the Supreme Court for defending the president though he faced allegations of manipulating billions of rupees.

PTI chief explained the PTI would rid the people of colonial-era rules and corrupt political figures and bureaucracy, adding that police and patwari tradition would be changed in order to serve the people.

The politicians of PPP and PML-N are combined to secure their money and strength. Both the party heads have joined hands to bring a caretaker set-up that will take care of their concerns,” he said. Imran Khan said his party after coming to power would present a new social and administrative system that would serve citizens at the gross-root level.

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