PML-Q separated over PPP’s proposal

The PPP proposal to PML-Q to participate in the federal government cabinet is part of a significant offer put before PML-Q mainly an alliance in the next Senate and  elections , PML-Q representative Faisal Saleh Hayat revealed to our sources.

Though analysts express that PPP desires to get through the budget plan by these methods and guarantees, PML-Q politicians are planning beyond the budget. It’s also being discussed that PML-Q will divided further if it connects to the cabinet at this time. Faisal Saleh Hayat mention diplomatically about the offer proposed by PPP, the party he quit in the year 2002, while the just recently elected Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari opposes it with entire force and Sheikh Waqas Akram helps it to save the political process.

The PML-Q said on Tuesday that the PPP authorities was giving slots to the party in the federal government cabinet and other beneficial posts, but it hasn’t made a decision whether or not to admit the proposal. PML-Q politicians mentioned that the PPP launched a national plan to the federal government to fix matters struggling with the normal person, and that the federal government and the PML-Q met a short while ago where the proposal to join the cabinet was made by the major party.

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