PML-Q president rules out reunification with PML-N

PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain dismissed on yesterday any possibility of his party’s reunification with the PML-N. He, however, says all the political groups needed to join hands to settle the crises faced by the state. “Leave alone the N and Q, all political groups need to get combined to tackle the major problems struggling with the country,” he said.

Speaking with journalists at the PML House,  PML-Q president dismissed the rumours about an imminent military takeover in the current situations. “There is no threat to the democratic system; neither is anybody coming nor going. The military isn’t prepared to come and it will be better to allow the govt to finish its constitutional period.” PML-Q president says speculation about government’s change developed a scenario of uncertainty and “we should avoid from developing this kind of scenario ”.

“ Rumour mills are at work; don’t consider them and be sure that the govt isn’t going anywhere and Senate elections will be held on occasion,” Mr Hussain asserted.

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