PML-Q officials have approved inclusion in federal govt

PML-Q head Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi on today mentioned his party office bearers had approved the chance of the PML-Q’s addition in the federal govt.Talking to press reps in Lahore, Pervaiz Elahi explained the PML-Q desired to bring all politics groups into the fold of the national platform.He more mentioned that the PML-Q was also in meetings with MQM and the JUI (F).

Pervaiz Elahi explained he had no desire for ministries and that his party office-bearers had approved over a likely inclusion in the govt. Moreover, he explained the PML-Q was in prefer of the development of the Hazara state as well as the split of Punjab into fresh provinces.He, however, mentioned that the PML-Q was against the section of the Sindh state.

Sources in the PML-Q and PPP informed that the sides were likely to sign a contract to form an coalition at the Presidency in a few days. Sources mentioned the sides had gained an awareness over the distribution of ministries and on the matter of fresh provinces.

If the coalition deal is implemented, the PML-Q will get 5 federal government ministers, 8 ministers of state, 3 advisers and the diplomat to the United nations, sources mentioned.

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