PML-Q chief ready to invite Nawaz Sharif

PML-Q Leader Shujaat Hussain has mentioned that he’s wanting to invite Nawaz Sharif for the unification of several groups of Muslim League if the PML-N chief states desire to receive his request.He expressed this while speaking with the media along with Marvi Memon, party head from Sindh at his home on Friday.

Shujaat Hussain also declared PML-Q method for forging an connections along with other politics groups was available to all.Shujaat Hussain and Marvi Memon declared lady health staff members were setting up protests for the last 2 yrs, however, the federal government was baton-charging and build law suits against them instead of handling their rightful requirements.

They required that the usually requires of the lady health staff members must be approved quickly besides pulling out court cases against them.Both the politicians controlled that ruling sides at federal and Punjab were performing to provide their private benefits instead of handling the actual challenges of the public.

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