PML-N will bring success in Sindh: Nawaz Sharif

PML-N leader, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has mentioned that their party after going into the power would change miseries of Sindh into success.

Speaking with a group delegation hailing from Khairpur, Nawaz Sharif explained that the PML-N would defeat the difficulties such as law and order scenario, target murders, joblessness and starvation of the public. Presh Kumar and Syed Nawaz were directing the delegation, which met him here on Monday.

The PML-N leader was of the view that his party hadn’t sacrificed over concepts and they could come into the power if sacrificed. They’d provided current federal government numerous opportunities to deal with the general public problems but they didn’t achieve this, he included stating that the legal rights of unprivileged would be reassured in the state.

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  • Fouzia Jamal

    Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has urged the people of Sindh to support him to eradicate poverty, corruption, terrorism, unemployment and other problems from the country. While welcoming Mr Sharif’s statement for finally giving importance to the people of Sindh, I want to ask a few questions. Nawaz Sharif has remained prime minister twice for a total period of about six years. He may enhance our knowledge by telling us the name of only one mega development project, which his party initiated and completed during his two tenures of six years in Sindh? Mr Sharif had imposed on Sindh Water Apportionment Accord 1991. As per record, Sindh accepted it with high reservations during the tenure of ‘mini dictator’ Jam Sadiq Ali who was his chief minister in Sindh at that time. Mr Sharif had imposed on Sindh a person like Jam Sadiq Ali whose atrocities people could not forget. Benazir Bhutto had announced the construction of Keti Bunder — a mega development project in Sindh but Mr Sharif’s successor government abandoned the project and the Sindhi press reported that the funds earmarked for the said project were transferred for the construction Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. In view of the foregoing, why should the people of Sindh trust the PML-N when they already have had a bitter experience of two tenures with the PML-N?

  • Rizwan Tayyab

    Nawaz Shareef is losing popularity fast mainly due to this difference between his words and actions, he does not have the acumen a leader should have. One can quite evidently find him perusing his personal interests rather than national interest. A person paying Rs. 5000 in tax after making fortunes out of the country, a person who himself nor his party bothered to help the earthquake affectees, a person who brought Pakistan to the brink of collapse in his tenure, a person who begged the Indian govt to rescue him from Pakistans jail, a person with statements of following the footsteps of Zia-ul-Haq in public can still be heard, a person who made “fauji adalats” and yet speaks of democracy, The list will go on and on my friends, one thing is for sure that hypocrites like Nawaz Shareef are a hurdle in the development of Pakistan.