PML-N senator suggests PM Nawaz Sharif to offer PTI deputy-PM post

A senior leader of the ruling PML-N on today proposed that a post of deputy PM Nawaz Sharif be made and offered to PTI for solving the present political deadlock.


PML-N Senator Jafer Iqbal told that he has written a detailed letter to the PM Nawaz Sharif in which he has defined different options to remove the present deadlock and to make sure continuity of the democracy. He said that the rules of business should be amended to set up a post of deputy PM, who should be given power to fulfill the demands put forth by Imran Khan.

Referring to demands of Dr Tahirul Qadri, he said that a referendum should be held in the country to seek public point of view whether they want to change the system as demanded by PAT. He also advised that the law should take its own course with regard to the Model Town tragedy.

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