PML-N, PTI up the ante before Punjab LG elections

The PTI once again hit out at leaders of the PML-N on Sunday for asking its decision to hold a protest rally in Lahore on December 22 against an unprecedented increase in the cost of living under the present Govt.


Information Minister Pervez Rashid inveighed against PTI chief Imran Khan in Lahore for holding “unnecessary sit-ins” everywhere and causing issues for people. PTI representative Dr Shireen Mazari issued a rejoinder in Islamabad, arguing that the Govt was getting afraid after Imran Khan’s decision to hold rallies against price hikes.

Leaders from the 2 sides foresee more incendiary statements from both parties against each other due to the local govt elections slated for January 30 in Punjab and doubt over the discussions along with the Taliban. The PTI chief had said on Saturday at a media conference in Lahore that the honeymoon phase for the federal Govt was over and it should get ready for difficult time in the future.

Earlier, only the information minister would reply to the criticism of the Govt by the PTI, be its concerns about election rigging or other polices.

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