PML-N not to help corrupt rulers: Nawaz Sharif

Ex – Pm and Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif announced Monday that under the given situations when the corruption was at its top, every institution of the country was being destroyed by the current setup. PML would neither become party nor was it in the mood to extend assistance to those at the helm of affairs any longer.Poor governance, corruption, lawlessness, poverty, joblessness and unprecedented price hike has made the life of a common person unhappy and the scenario needs a revolution , hence I ask the countrymen to prepare themselves for ‘green revolution’.

Speaking at a party workers’ convention here at a local hotel on Monday the PML-N chief lamented that today the verdicts of the superior courts were being ridiculed, ruling setup was appointing most corrupt people on key govt positions , another bomb shell in shape of hike in the price of petroleum products and the vital commodities was being dropped on the already oppressed masses . The PML would not remain quiet spectator to this scenario. He said in fact there appeared to be no govt in the state.Nawaz Sharif  said he extended sincere assistance to the PPP ruling setup in the best interests of democracy and the country but the rulers not only failed to respond to his gesture positively but further plunged the country into deep crisis.

Nawaz Sharif said had the PPP govt implemented the chartered of democracy, which was meant at bringing an end to the corruption, improve democracy in the country and block entry of dictators into politics for ever, the situation would have been entirely different today and the nation would have tasted the fruit of democracy which was restored after a long era of dictatorial rule in Pakistan.

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