PML-N mandate can’t be snatched says Abid Sher Ali

PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali said on yesterday, no power in this world can snatch the mandate of PM Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. Abid Sher Ali while addressing to the political meeting in Faisalabad said, if somebody wants to call the march, than call in favor of Pakistan Army and in favor of the security forces personals or against the killing of innocent peoples.

Abid Sher Ali

Imran Khan took benefit of giving favor to Pervez Musharraf, he claimed, and advised Imarn Khan to call out National march instead of Azadi march so all the political groups of the countries can get on the same page for the benefit of the country. He criticized the earlier governments and said PM Nawaz Sharif is working on to put the country back to the progress way.

The federal government signed agreement along with the Chinese firm, which will bring 10000 MW electricity to overcome power problems, Abid Sher Ali said.

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