PML-N irks Sindhi nationalists by naming Palijo as caretaker PM

Sindhi nationalist groups are not happy with the PML-N’s decision to appoint Rasool Bux Palijo as caretaker prime minister. Besides Palijo, the PML-N has selected 2 retired judges for the position.

Sources stated several Sindhi nationalist groups contacted the ruling PPP and shown their willingness to join the party in reply to Palijo’s nomination. A few other groups were considering backing out from the coalition with the PML-N and PML-F. The PML-N had approached nationalist groups a couple of months ago and discussed with them for the future strategy including the election coalition in the province.

PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif had also met Dr Qadir Magsi and some other nationalist politicians in Hyderabad and it was decided that they would join hands against the PPP. The sources stated the nationalist groups had concerns over the attitude of the PML-N direction, which directly contacted the PML-F and chalked out an election strategy. The nationalists were overlooked in the process.

The nationalists were also unhappy that they’re not taken into confidence before nominating Palijo.

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