PML-N hints at lawful action against Muttahida

The PML-N is considering lawful action against the MQM parliamentarians involved in “bad-mouthing” against the PML-N leadership.

Ahsan Iqbal, the information secretary of the PML-N, was critical of those political parties which, in spite of being part of the coalition government, were criticising it day in and day out.

The PML-N and the Muttahida indulged in a mud-slinging bout on Wednesday, slandering each other’s main leadership.

“If they are truly honest, they should leave the government and do politics based on principles,” Mr Iqbal said at a press conference on Saturday.

He blamed the government and its coalition partners for the worsening law and order situation. Mr Iqbal also slammed the government for the huge raise in oil rates, calling for a change of the decision.

He called for removal of ‘corrupt’ officials from financial institutions, saying that new appointments should be made through a parliamentary committee. He said the economy was on its knees because of corruption.

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