PML-N divided on Javed Hashmi`s demand

2 PML-N politicians have come out with divergent reactions to party member and MNA Javed Hashmi’s comment in the NA on Thurs . that Nawaz and Shahbaz  must apologise for taking a exile for a pardoned sentence.

PML-N spokesperson Ahsan Iqbal explained that there’s no requirement for the party leader Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to tender any confession  right after signing the CoD.

However one more, PML-N leader Siddiqul Farooq asked about Javed Hashmi’s comment, he tells why did he keep quiet over the matter for 10 years.

“In party conferences Javed Hashmi never discussed on the matter and rather guarded the Sharif brothers’ choice to go into deport,” Mr Farooq asked on yesterday.

He explained if Javed Hashmi had any one question to the exile issue then why did he admit the spot of PML-N’s acting chief . Ahsan Iqbal asked on Thurs . that Javed Hashmi’s address was according to his “ individual opinions ” and in no way it could be called a policy opinion.

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