PML-N demands right to vote for overseas Pakistanis

PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that overseas Pakistanis should’ve the legal right to vote as they’re a important asset of the country and are rendering important services to their nation while keeping away from their houses and near and dear ones.

PML-N leader said the efforts of expatriate Pakistanis to the country’s economy are very commendable and recognized by the whole country. He said that overseas Pakistanis have made every sacrifice for their nation in the hour of need. As per a message received here, Nawaz indicated these thoughts while addressing overseas conference of PML-N in Italy which was joined by a large number of expatriate Pakistanis.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that current govt has made no major work for solving the issues of the people due to which they’re facing price-hike, poverty and loadshedding. He said that self-esteem and honour of the country was increased during his tenures in the past and fast growth and development was made. He said that there’s no loadshedding or price-hike in his time and terrorism was a word unheard of. He said that when Pakistan’s defence capacity was challenged, his govt, despite immense international pressure, tested atomic devices and made the country’s defence impregnable.

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