PML-N breaks all records of load shedding says PTI Punjab

PTI leader, Ejaz Chaudhry said the PML-N govt, which protested against loadshedding when PPP was in government, now had broken all records of load shedding.


In a statement released on yesterday, the PTI Punjab President said the government’s claim that by paying off circular debt of 480billion rupees they’d defeat the big issue of power shortfall which was proven incorrect when 10 to 12 hours of loadshedding started in the cities while the non-urban areas were facing much more load shedding.

Ejaz Chaudhry said that currently the circular debt had to be 300 billion rupees once again and the government had unannounced and unscheduled load shedding also. He said the tall claim of the govt had proven incorrect about the loadshedding. He said it was totally mismanagement of minister Abid Sher Ali who instead of managing issues of loadshedding was on a mission of victimising provinces, particularly KPK without any proof and without any research on their own performance in Punjab.

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