PML-N and PML-F accuse PPP of victimising candidates

PML-F leader Jam Madad Ali and PML-N leader Irfanullah Khan Marwat had while speaking on a point of order in the Sindh assembly said that the provincial Govt was committing political victimization of the people of the PML-F and PML-N during the process of by-elections in Sindh.


Ali alleged that the provincial govt was facilitating the candidate of the PPP for the seat of NA-235 with full state protocol and that bogus cases were being filed against the nominees of the PML-F and PML-N. The education departments and town municipal administrations were also being attached in providing state protocol to the PPP nominee and in political victimization of the opposite people.

Marwat said that bogus cases were being filed against the workers of the PML-N in Thatta and threats were being given for serious results in case they would not stop election campaign. In response to the allegations, Sindh Senior Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhru and Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Enam Memon refuted the claims.

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