PM Nawaz Sharif approves policy for auctioning 3G, 4G technology

PM Nawaz Sharif has authorized policy directive for auction of cell phone spectrum licenses envisaging auction of both 3G and 4G licenses together to benefit from the most recent technological progress.

Ishaq Dar
Addressing a media meeting here on yesterday, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar unfolded prominent features of new policy. He said 3 licenses of 3G and 2 licenses of 4G spectrum would be auctioned most likely in the middle of April this year.Ishaq Dar mentioned one license has been reserved for new entrants as a number of countries including Turkey‚ Saudi Arabia and Qatar are showing interest to compete as new entrants.

Ishaq Dar said the bid reserved price for 3G spectrum license would be 295 million dollars each and for 4G license 210 million dollars each. He said the reserved price for new entrants would be 291 million dollars.

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