PM Gilani will not own a car

PM Yousuf Raza Gilani is a person of frugal assets – if one goes by his announced property. He does not personal a car and maintained to save over 50 % of his yearly income, which his is just source of earnings. PM Gilani’s announced asset remained nearly the same during 2009-10 and stored over 500,000 rupees from his yearly income of under million, as per documents of liabilities and assets of people of the NA published to the Election Commission.

PM Gilani has mentioned his income as the just source of earnings. PM Gilani ‘s announcement indicates that out of his total yearly income of Rs.971,340, his total saving in the past year was Rs.571,340. The household costs were Rs.400,000. The price of his property in 2008-09 was Rs.18.9 million, which went up to Rs.19.47 million in 2009-10.PM Gilani also doesn’t personal a car.The document has typograhical mistakes which say PM Gilani is in ownership of 200 tola gold “armaments”.

Noor Alam Khan of the PPP’s seems to be the most wealthy law maker with a total price of property priced over Rs.3.5 billion. He’s got Rs.1.6 million in his bank-account. He also has precious jewelry weighing 200 tolas, which is value millions of rupees.

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