PM Gilani indicted for contempt of court

PM GilaniPakistan’s Supreme Court has summoned PM Gilani to appear 13 Feb. to be indicted with contempt over his refusal to pursue corruption cases against the president. The move, only the 2nd occasion the court has brought contempt allegations against a sitting PM, plunges the weak govt deeper into a problems that could force early elections within a few months.

Judge Nasir Ul-Mulk told the court there were grounds to proceed against PM Gilani over the govt’s rejection to adopt a court ruling and ask Swiss govt to re-open corruption cases against President Zardari.The govt explained that Mr Zardari has immunity from criminal prosecution while head of state and accused judges of planning with the army to wage a witch-hunt against him.

A 7 member larger bench of the Supreme Court was hearing PM Gilani’s contempt case.During the proceedings today, Lawyer Atizaz Ahsan finished his arguments and says that PM acted on the advice of ministry according to rules of business. Ahsan says he didn’t want the court to face humiliation when Swiss govt don’t work on the letter.

However, Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk says that regardless of whether or not Swiss govt work on the letter, it must be written. Rejecting Ahsan’s ask for additional time to present his points, the court reiterated that the points must be concluded today.

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