Pervez Musharraf to come back to Pakistan in January

Ex- President of Pakistan and APML chief Pervez Musharraf declared to come back Pakistan next month. Addressing a video conference in Lahore from London, APML leader Pervez Musharraf mentioned that the panacea for Pakistan’s current problems didn’t lie in undemocratic plans and incorporating army into politics would be very deadly for the state as well as for citizens of Pakistan.

The APML leader announced that ISI and Pak-Force are guarantee of Pakistan’s solidarity and sovereignty, added that a few conspiring factors were making conspiracies through ‘Memo matter’ to defame ISI and security forces.Pakistan has been dealing with menaces at its eastern and western borders and amidst these rising issues Pak-Force have been concentrating focus for protecting Pakistan’s land and encountering the opponents of the state, Musharraf says.

Commenting on the effectiveness of PPP and PML-N in their erstwhile regimes, Pervez Musharraf says that both the major political groups remained in power 2 times but presented nothing to the people except issues and deficits.He told the people of Pakistan to cast their votes beyond the affiliations of caste and creed, linguistic, religious and provincial prejudices to steer the state from gulf of problems and issues.

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