Pervez Musharraf Returns To Pakistan After 4 Years In Self-Exile

Pakistan’s ex- President Gen. (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s flight from Dubai arrived in Karachi after Four and a half years in Self-Exile. Former President says he’s ready to risk any danger to stand for election on May 11.

Wearing an off-white Shalwar Kameez, the common outfit of Pakistan, Pervez  Musharraf told journalists outside his residence in Dubai, that he was “not feeling nervous” but accepted to some issues.

“I am feeling concerned about the unknown… there are a lot of unknown factors of terrorism and extremism, unknown factors of legal issue, unknown factors of how much I will be able to perform (in the elections),” he said.

His official Twitter and Facebook profiles provided live commentary, posting messages and photos of him boarding the plane and sitting in his chair.

His slated Emirates flight to Karachi took off after some delay at around 10:15 local time (0615 GMT) with followers on board shouting “long life to Musharraf”, annoying a few of the regular passengers, stated an AFP reporter.

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