Pakistan world’s 3rd biggest arms recipient, India number 1

The arms competition (2007-2011) is firmly centered in Asia, with India being the world’s biggest recipient of arms, followed by South Korea and Pakistan and China tied at 3rd spot, disclosed the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in a latest study on global arms transfers.

India accounts for 10 % of international arms imports; South Korea 6 percent; Pakistan 5 percent; China 5 percent and Singapore 4 percent. China was the biggest recipient of arms exports from 2002-06, but it fell to 4th spot in 2007-11.

As per a report by IANS, the data revealed that Asia and Oceania account for 44 percent of worldwide arms imports, followed by Europe 19 percent; the Middle East 17 percent and the Americas at 11 percent. Africa was the lowest with 9 percent.

The quantity of international arms transfers in 2007-11 was 24 percent more than in 2002-06 and the 5 biggest arms importers in 2007-11 were all Asian states. Between 2002-06 and 2007-11, the quantity of Chinese arms exports enhanced by 95 % and now China status as the 6th biggest provider of arms across the world.

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