Pakistan test-fires nuclear capable ballistic missile

Pakistan today effectively test fired the Short Range Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile Hatf II (Abdali), as part of the process of validation of land based ballistic missile systems.

As per ISPR, Hatf II (Abdali) with a range of 180 kilometres carries nuclear as well as common warheads with high accuracy. It provides an operational level ability to Pakistan’s Strategic Forces, additional to the tactical and strategic level ability, which Pakistan already possesses.

Pakistan last April effectively test-fired yet another short-range surface-to-surface atomic capable missile.Nasr, which also is one of the Hatf series, can hit objectives up to 60 kilometres away.Hardly 8 weeks before that, it tested the nuclear-capable Hatf-VII cruise missile that has a range of 600 km.

India and Pakistan, which have fought 3 battles since their partition in 1947, routinely test-fire missiles to display each other’s capability.

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