Pakistan Signs Contract to Import Electricity

It’s informed from Washington, America, Pakistan has finalized a deal to import electricity from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Pakistan is presently going through an energy problems and it started out when the ex- president Pervez Musharraf came to power after putting on army coup during the time PML-N was taking control of the govt. With increasing electricity issues since that day, Pakistan had to depend on load-shedding hours even during the extreme heat of the summer season.


People even tried to come out on the streets as a number of sectors suffered throughout the time there was serious load-shedding throughout the country. However, with the new govt coming to power, they’re planning to end the power crises in Pakistan. There is already a coal venture which Pakistan is focusing on and now this pact has been finalized between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Pakistan is going to acquire 700 megawatts of electricity through Afghanistan.

The contract between these countries is known as CASA-1000 and it is going to develop an alliance in such a way that 2 countries are going to import energy from the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan.

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