Pakistan making own spy plane: Air Chief

PakistanPakistan Air Chief Rao Qamar Suleman mentioned on yesterday that the country is making its own spy plane and will shortly be able to prepare pilotless aircraft loaded with missile technology.

Speaking with journalists at the Shehbaz Airbase in southern Sindh province, he says Pakistan is manufacturing UAV dronesat the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in the city of Kamra close to Islamabad. Asked if the F-16 plane that Pakistan presently received from the U.S. can down American drones, Air Chief mentioned that the PAF doesn’t want any such scenario.The press persons were taken to the Shehbaz Airbase to officially announce that the air-base is now under the full control of the PAF.

The USA, which utilized the airbase for drone strikes in Afghanistan and likely in Pakistan, was told to leave the base by Pakistan in the aftermath of the Nov 26 NATO attack on Pakistani posts, which had killed 24 troops.

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