Pakistan Govt should apologise to Bangladeshi people: Imran Khan

PTI leader Imran Khan says the Pakistan federal government should formally apologise to the citizens of Bangladesh for atrocities apparently committed by the Pakistan Military in the 1971 battle.

Imran Khan explained this during a tv program on last night while analysing the cricket game between Pak and WI played at Mirpur in Bangladesh.

The host of the Tv show questioned Imran Khan about the expected actions of the Bangladeshi public in Mirpur and he mentioned the Bangladeshis would help the Pakistani cricket squad.
The host then questioned Imran Khan whether the occasion had come for the Pakistan authorities to apologise to the citizens of Bangladesh for the military action of 71.

Imran Khan explained he was formerly of the feeling that the military action was “not a good thing” simply because there’s no free mass media in Pakistan in 71.

Imran Khan says when he visited Great britain in 71, his Bengali pals informed him about the “fact” of the Pakistan Military action in erstwhile East Pakistan.

Imran Khan says military action always developed hatred and “we should apologise to the Bangladeshis”.Imran Khan mentioned he had felt the appreciate and love of Bangladeshis citizens during an event game in Mirpur in 1989.

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