Pakistan can’t afford full-fledged military action says Imran Khan

PTI chief, Imran Khan, condemned the terrorist attack on a court in the heart of Islamabad, and urged the govt not to abandon peace efforts.

imran khan

Talking to journalists at Islamabad airport, Imran Khan said Pakistan can’t afford a full-fledged military action in North Waziristan. “Military operation in North Waziristan was imminent, but Thank God Pakistan escaped it, it would have spawned a way of terrorism across the country…. So I congratulate the government for this success,” Imran Khan said.

The PTI chief is in favour of surgical attacks against terrorist elements in volatile tribal region, but opposes a full-scale military attack in North Waziristan. Imran Khan said numerous forces are bent upon ruining peace efforts and the govt-Taliban ceasefire, but the rulers mustn’t abandon their efforts for a full restoration of peace.

Earlier, at least 11 citizens, including a senior judge and 4 lawyers, were killed and over 30 wounded when gunmen burst into a court in Islamabad’s hectic shopping area.

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