Pak govt sends back Indian chopper after refueling

India and Pakistan shown their responsibility to the peace process on Sunday when an Indian Military chopper that ‘strayed’ into Pakistan area was came back with 4 military officers aboard after the a pleasant manner of refueling by the Pakistan Military.

In the past, this kind of event may have generated heightened stresses between the 2 countries. But the hotlines already present between the directors-general of army operations of the 2 nations were instantly activated, details sought and given and the chopper came back before sunset.

The Pakistan Military says an Indian army chopper came 40 kms inside Pakistani area, in the Olding sector of Gilgit-Baltistan. The helicopter was carrying 3 officials and one enlisted person. It’s forced to land in Ahmedabad, a small city in Gilgit-Baltistan, at around 1 pm.  An military official, who desired to remain nameless, says the chopper, along with the 4 Indian army officers, was permitted to come back after “intervention at the maximum level.”

Before the 2 nations decided to a ceasefire in 2004, the LoC was probably the most risky borders between India and Pakistan where crossfire between forces stations alongside the frontier was a schedule matter.

“The chopper had come deep into our air-space. It’s forced to land,” army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas informed Reuters.

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