Pak Foreign Office protests US Congress bill on Balochistan

Pakistan has criticized a bill tabled in US House of Representatives seeking Balochistan’s ‘sovereignty’. The resolution has mentioned that “Balochistan is presently divided between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan with no sovereign rights of its own,” and that, “Baloch folks are subjected to assault and extrajudicial deaths.”

In its response on Saturday, Pakistan’s Foreign Office protested against the United states move and rejected the resolution, terming it breach of global rules. “The bill is based on Lack of knowledge and lack of knowing. This would be taken as clear interference in Pakistan’s internal issues,” the foreign office spokesman mentioned in his response. He informed the US govt against any irresponsible action, asserting that this kind of acts wouldn’t be accepted.

On the other hand, PML-N on Saturday moved an adjourned movement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly against a resolution of United states law maker in the Congress, seeking freedom of Balochistan. The movement was moved by PML-N leader Javed Abbasi. He explained that the US resolution was a conspiracy against Pakistan.

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