Pak army tries 5 officers over extremist links

Pak armySecurity representatives say the Pak army has begun court martial actions against a brigadier and 4 other officers over alleged links to a disallowed extremist organization that has named for ousting the USA-backed govt.

Brig Ali Khan and the 4 officers were arrested in May, 2011 on allegations of connections to the Hizb-ut-Tahrir group. Khan was working at the Pak army‘s head office close to the capital Islamabad at the moment of his detain.

The organization is blacklisted due to the extremist propaganda. It’s trying to re-establish the Islamic caliphate that once dominated much of the Muslim world. 2 senior security officials says on Saturday the court martial began presently but didn’t provide any information. They talked on condition of privacy because of the sensitivity of the matter.

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