Nato supply to be halted if drones don’t stop till November 20: PTI

The vice chairman of PTI said that NATO supply routes will be halted if drone attacks don’t stop before November 20. He reiterated that the drone strikes were breaking Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Nato supplies

Addressing the press in Multan, the PTI leader lamented that innocent citizens were killed in drone attacks, adding that the public were waiting for some good step from the federal government over drone strikes.

He said that the peace process was horribly affected because of the killing of TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud. He said the govt should take the public into confidence over latest scenario of peace dialogue along with the Taliban.

Giving an answer to a query over Pak-Iran gas pipeline purchase, PTI leader termed it a useful project for the economy of the nation, adding that the agreement should continue to end power crisis.

Talking about the local bodies elections, Qureshi said the elections should be held in March.

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