Musharraf likely to be released within next 2 days

Pervez Musharraf could possibly be sent home after being released from AFIC while the medical report, ordered to be filed in court, couldn’t be ready as yet. As per sources, the doctors have started consulations over allowing the retired general to transfer from hospital to his residence while the medical board is examining all his reports. It’s expected that the former president will be released within next a couple of days, the sources added.

Pervez Musharraf

The sources said that reports over Musharraf’s brain and heart condition weren’t cleared as yet. During the last procedures, Musharraf’s lawyer in treason case said justice can’t be prevailed until the tribunal was established under the light of law. A three-member bench of special court led by Justice Faisal Arab heard the allegations of treason levelled against ex- president Pervez Musharraf on Monday.

Among the lawyers presenting Musharraf, Advocate Anwar Mansoor said provision of justice was the right of every person as per the Article 9 of the constitution, adding that ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should have not been consulted over the formation of special court.

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