MQM turns down PPP proposals on local bodies

MQM has turned down PPP proposals on the fresh local bodies system of Sindh PML-F leader Imtiaz Sheikh has proposed his mediation to fix this issue. The local bodies system in Sindh is a bone of dispute for a long time between allied sides MQM and PPP MQM favours town system while the PPP recommends Commissionerate system in the province.

The PPP and MQM politicians have been holding gatherings over the new local bodies system but they have unsuccessful to complete it with common approval. The MQM discussion team persistently denied PPP suggestions. It reviewed newest PPP proposals in a recent assembly. Syed Sardar Ahmad, Wasim Akhtar, Wasay Jalil, Kunwar Naveed Jamil and Dr. Saghir Ahmad joined the recent MQM conference.

The MQM says that the PPP suggested local bodies is nothing more than the 1979’s system but the MQM strategy carries flexibility. One more round of PPP-MQM discussion will be held on December 10; the MQM has presented its proposals to PML-F as well. Imtiaz Sheikh of the PML-F says that there’s a massive difference in both parties’ suggestions but he is prepared to mediate between them.

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