Load shedding: Power shortfall reaches 6400 MW

The Ministry of Water and Power has failed to keep up with the tall claims pertaining to ‘minimizing power cuts’. The power cuts, low voltage and tripping has become a regular routine. The key cities continue to bear with load shedding between 6 to 8 hours a day whereas in rural areas it ranges from 12 to 14 hours.


As per NTDC, the power shortfall has reached 4600 MW all across the country. The need for electricity is 18,920 MW as compared to the output which is set at 14,320 MW. Frequent prolonged and unannounced load shedding is hitting across the country, with the rise in temperature, disrupting daily routine life.

In 13 districts of MEPCO region the requirement for electricity is 3420 MW but the production is to 1900 MW as the shortfall has crossed 1520 MW. In the cities of southern Punjab, the electricity cuts remain 10 to 12 hours as compared to the 12 to 14 hours of load shedding in non-urban areas.

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