Load shedding: Power shortfall reached 5,600mw

Cities are facing 12 hrs of powers cuts while load shedding is being carried for 15 hours in non-urban areas as hot and muggy weather prevails in numerous parts of the country As per National Transmission and Despatch Company, power generation remained 14,600mw while 14,600mw demand was recorded across the country.


National Power Control Centre raised the duration of power cuts because of load on the system. Tripping also increased because of technical issues in the supply system of power supply companies. Despite government’s tall claims, load shedding is being carried out during Iftar, Sehri and Taraweeh timings. As per authorities, duration of scheduled and unscheduled load shedding is unlikely to reduce until power demand decreases.

Electricity cuts have made worse in Pakistan in the past few years, becoming one of the key sources of public discontent in Pakistan. The deepening shortages have already started severe protests in the past and cost plenty of jobs. Also, PML-N won general election in May last year on promises to resolve persistent electricity cuts.

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