KPK government ready to hold LB polls: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, on yesterday said that government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was ready to hold Local Body elections in the province on April 30.Talking to press outside the parliament, he said, as per recent survey around 57 % people are happy with the performance of PTI government.


The chairman of PTI said that formation of a board by the National Assembly to investigate the allegation of non-payment of taxes by members of parliamentarian and report within 3 months is a decent progress. He said firstly the board should check out non-payment of taxes by party heads. “I offer my self for the investigation first”, he added.

Imran Khan stated that payment of taxes by the parliamentarians would increase prestige of Parliament. He asked all the parliamentarians to announce their assets in and outside the country. PTI chief said tax collection can’t be better unless the politicians themselves set the example.

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