Karachi airport opened again after terrorist attack

Jinnah International Airport in Karachi has been opened again at 2:00pm for travelers after security personnel finished their search operation and announced the area secure. The attack started just before midnight when 10 gunmen wearing military uniforms shot their way into the airport’s old terminal used mostly for charter and executive flights.

Karachi airport

At least 20 people, including law enforcement personnel and Karachi airport staff were killed in the attack. The terrorists equipped with suicide vests, hand grenades, RPGs were also killed during 5-hour long battle along with the security forces. Gun battles raged through the night until security forces regained control of the airport at dawn.

Meanwhile, the authorities have allowed the Karachi airport personnel to go home. As per PIA spokesman, 15 to 20 flights disturbed due to the terrorist attack will be re-scheduled by Monday evening.

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