Javed Hashmi leaves PTI sit-in, returns to Multan

PTI president Javed Hashmi has reached Multan today (Friday). Talking to the media on his arrival, Javed Hashmi played down reports of issues along with the party command, saying that he has returned from sit-in due to a personal reason. He said there is no issues along with party command, however, whatever happened wasn’t good.

Javed Hashmi

Earlier, it was speculated that Javed Hashmi may not be not happy along with PTI chief Imran Khan for accepting over army’s mediation on the political issue. Imran Khan and cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, who have led anti-government demonstrations, met Army Chief General Raheel Sharif late on Thursday after saying they’d agreed to his role as mediator and guarantor   in discussions along with the PM Nawaz Sharif.

During the meeting, Imran Khan made it clear that “there can’ t be an independent investigation so long as Nawaz Sharif is prime minister”. He has called on his fans to gather at the Islamabad protest site by 1:00 am (1300 GMT) on Friday.

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