Javed Hashmi announces to expose PML-N leadership

President of PTI Makhdoom Javed Hashmi says the leadership of PML-N fled the country during the Musharraf era to enjoy freedom while his son daughter and he himself remained in prison.

Talking at an Eid Milan party here Sunday Javed Hashmi claimed that Khawaja Asif went to Dubai and got a job in a bank while Ahsan Iqbal also went there. Javed Hashmi said he’d shortly disclose the wrong doings of PML-N leadership that would force them to leave Lahore. He claimed Shahbaz Sharif can stage topi drama by setting up camps but can’t resolve problems. Javed Hashmi said a change has come and the PTI wasn’t scared of threats from PML-N and would confront it squarely.

Javed Hashmi said the PTI was giving a fresh colour to national politics and asked politicians of other political groups to follow the suit and announce their assets.

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