Jamshed Dasti exposes MNAs drink liquor worth Rs50 mln annually

Jamshed Dasti, an independent MNA from Punjab, said on today (Thursday) that alcohol worth Rs50 million is provided to Parliament lodges per year while asking for drug tests should be carried out of all the parliamentarians. This uncommon disclosure was made by Dasti while talking on the floor of the National Assembly.

Jamshed Dasti

Jamshed Dasti said that there is continually a smell of marijuana in the lobbies of the Parliament. He demanded that steps should be taken against those MNAs who’re drug, alcohol addicts after carrying out medical tests. While he was talking his mic was turned off by the orders of the House leader.

Jamshed  Dasti, who as per Election Commission of Pakistan’s record is the poorest MNA in Pakistan, won 2013 election, defeating a candidate of the family of Hina Rabbani Khar, ex- foreign minister.

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